Joshua Sanger

10 Mile Cellar

The task

While looking up local wines the other day, I noticed that the wineries in my area have a lack of online presence. Sure, they all have a site, but most of them really don't showcase the amazing wines that we Canadians make.

10 Mile Cellar is a fictional winery based off of the wineries found in the Niagara region. My goal here was to create an easy to use, informative, and capturing design to showcase who this winery is, what they do, and their fine products.

The design

View the full HD version here.

10 Mile Cellar

The details

With a focus on imagery, the main goal of this design is to entice the user to know more about the winery, and the wine itself. The intent here was to create a clean colour pallet and an interesting layout, all while keeping up with modern design trends.

Try it yourself!

I find that when I have a few spare moments, letting myself get creative really helps keep my design skills sharp, and I get a feel for the latest trends and styles.,

I encourage you to find a product or a site, pick a platform (I chose desktop) and try to design a home page.

Happy designing!

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