Joshua Sanger

Geek Power Redesign (Unofficial)

The task

One of the biggest challenges for a design firm, is taking the time to redesign their own site. Often times this gets pushed to the back burner and of course, clients come first.

This is the case for the web design firm I work for, Geek Power: A Web Design Agency in Toronto, Canada. We are currently in the process of revising the current site, but I thought I would take a stab at what it would look like if I did it.

The current design

View the full version here.

Geek Power current design

My redesign

View the full HD version here.

Geek Power redesign

The hero / main image area

One of the design trends really taking hold, is designing beyond the standard box model. Whether its offsetting some images, or placing content in non traditional places, a lot of modern web designers are having a blast stretching beyond the standard boundaries of rectangles. This is what I chose to do for this design. While leaving enough breathing room for the content, this main area is eye catching and let's the user see multiple sections without scrolling.

The body

Keeping with the design trend established in the header area, this design features a clean colour palette, a focus on content, and an appealing layout.

All of the content in the current site is preserved, just shifted around / hidden. An example of this is the "What we do" section. Here, rather than presenting the user with a wall of text, the user is presented with the navigation to go between sections (icons), there is an enticing snippet, followed by a link to read more.

Try it yourself!

I found this exercise to be quite refreshing and an enjoyable experience. Not only did it stretch my creativity / UI analysis, but it also gave me the change to design something without any boundaries. Often times we don't get to do that in our industry (due to time constraints, device / browser support, or client feedback. It was nice to take a moment and do something for the fun of it.

I encourage you to find a product on a site (doesn't have to be a web design agency), pick a platform (I chose desktop) and try to redesign the user experience / design of the page!

Happy designing!

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