Joshua Sanger

UI Challenge - 002

Task: Design a credit card checkout

Using material design as a base, I designed a subscription based checkout form. I decided to exclude Paypal from this form under the assumption that the user previously selected the credit card option (on a different modal / page). One interesting point I contemplated on was putting the "?" beside the CVV field. This is a standard thing to do on most credit card forms, but is it still necessary? I feel like soon we will be mature enough online to not put this field (since credit card checkout have been around longer than most teens). That being said, it felt wrong to keep it out, so for now, I will keep it in my designs!

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The UI challenge

In an effort to both showcase and improve my UI design skills, I signed up for a 100 day UI challenge. Although my schedule may not permit a daily challenge, I will be posting new challenges to my website, to my Twitter, and to my Dribbble. You can design along with me by signing up at:

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