Joshua Sanger

UI Challenge - 006

Task: Design a user profile

I decided to design a profile page for a user of a fictional wedding planing site. I find the key to making a user feel that a page is a place where they can call virtual home, is to have pleasing font and color, and customization areas. Here, the user would be able to update their profile picture and their banner photo (much like facebook).

This particular screen shot, would be the Guest list portion of the planner. Taking some pointers from material design, the user would be able to add a new guest by clicking on the pink "+" circle. (This action would change page to page) I have also included a textual link in the guest list header that would do the same thing.

User profile

The UI challenge

In an effort to both showcase and improve my UI design skills, I signed up for a 100 day UI challenge. Although my schedule may not permit a daily challenge, I will be posting new challenges to my website, to my Twitter, and to my Dribbble. You can design along with me by signing up at:

Happy designing!

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